Frog Time (TCU Time and Attendance System)

Frog Time is TCU’s new time and attendance system.  This new system has several benefits including:

  • Eliminating paper timekeeping (hours worked) forms
  • Streamlining the collection and entry of hours worked
  • Online routing for supervisor authorization
  • “Real Time” Reports (i.e., which employees are currently at work, reaching maximum weekly hours worked)
  • Consistency in the application of pay practices
  • Reports for federal requirements (i.e., Department of Labor)

FrogTime will be implemented in phases.  A pilot group was implemented in Spring 2018.  Student and temporary employees in each department will be the first to be transitioned to Frog Time.  Bi-weekly employees currently utilizing a time clock will be transitioned to FrogTime over the next few months.  Eventually, all bi-weekly employees will utilize Frog Time.

The system is transparent and bilingual—it can automatically record holiday pay.  Time sheets are visible to employees and information may be displayed in English or Spanish. The clock-in and clock-out process is as easy as swiping your TCU ID.

More information may be found here.  Training for FrogTime will be provided by Human Resources to supervisors and employees in affected areas.  Please email with any questions or call 817-257-7790.