2020 Holiday Payroll Schedule

What a year 2020 has been!!! Can you believe we are now fast approaching the holidays and even 2021? That means it is time to mark your calendars with your TCU payroll deadlines.

BWK 2020:

December 14th all PAFs emailed to hrpaf@tcu.edu

December 18th all Pay adjustment forms emailed to hrpayroll@tcu.edu

December 21st & 28th Frog Time deadline 10am

December 31st last BWK payday of 2020

MTH 2020:

December 14th all PAF’s and timesheets to HR

December 31st last payroll of the 2020

BWK 2021

January 4th & 11th Frog Time deadline 10am

January 11th all Pay adjustment forms emailed to hrpayroll@tcu.edu


To see all payroll deadlines for 2020 and 2021, go to TCU HR web site: https://hr.tcu.edu/employee-services/faculty-staff/calendars-holidays-pay-dates/

NOTE: If you are a Frog Time approver of your employee’s time, remember Frog Time APPROVAL is every Monday by 10am. Your department might have employees working over the holiday break and their time needs approval to get paid. Remember Frog Time deadline is every Monday 10am

Any questions or concerns email hrpayroll@tcu.edu