What’s new with New 2 TCU

Over the last months, TCU’s new employee orientation has changed. New this year, employees will have access to all the traditional orientation material (Benefits, Risk Management, Safety, etc.) via our online asynchronous learning platform, PageUp.

Virtual presentations have been pre-recorded and uploaded into a learning activity that new employees (and old employees for that matter!) can access on-demand the moment they start working at TCU. No longer do new employees have to wait a month to hear about their TCU Benefits package! It also allows them to proceed through the material at their own pace and refresh their learning at any point in the future.

The TCU Orientation learning activity is accessible through the my.tcu.edu Employee Center portal, under the Learning & Professional Dev. tile. Direct access to this learning activity is also available through this link: https://tcues1.pageuppeople.com/learning/8.

Recording Orientation Material for TCU’s Benefits Presentation

The transition to online orientation materials allows HR to pivot our in-person time with new employees to focus on networking, employee-manager connection, setting a foundation for success, culture building and building a sense of belonging with new employees. Highlights include manager/employee lunch, guided 1:1 goal and expectation setting conversations, inspirational words from a Vice Chancellor, and a TCU campus tour. These events are hosted monthly, with upcoming dates available through the linked activity above.

A recent TCU new employee orientation