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Holiday Payroll Deadlines for December 2018 and January 2019

Human Resources taking the Lead On Communicating – important deadlines Holiday Payroll Deadlines   The Winter Holiday/Christmas break is fast approaching, which means your Human Resources Payroll team will have fewer days to execute any pay and employment status changes. Contact Human Resources Payroll office ( with any questions. The following deadlines apply for December… Read more »

Frog Time (TCU Time and Attendance System)

Frog Time is TCU’s new time and attendance system.  This new system has several benefits including: Eliminating paper timekeeping (hours worked) forms Streamlining the collection and entry of hours worked Online routing for supervisor authorization “Real Time” Reports (i.e., which employees are currently at work, reaching maximum weekly hours worked) Consistency in the application of… Read more »

Es Tiempo para un Chequeo de Cheques   Al acercarse el final de 2018, el IRS recomienda a los empleados a completar un “chequeo de cheques” para minimizar impuestos y maximizar ganancias.   Esta recomendación viene en los talones de los recortes de Impuestos Federales y Actos de Empleo, lanzado este ano, lo cual modifica pólizas de retención, créditos y deducciones… Read more »

It is Time for a Paycheck Checkup

As the end of 2018 draws near, the IRS recommends all employees complete a “paycheck checkup” to minimize taxes and maximize earnings.  For additional information, please click here.

Creditable Coverage Notice

Federal regulations require annual notice to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries that TCU’s drug coverage is expected to provide coverage comparable to Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.  If a Medicare-eligible employee or dependent becomes eligible for Part D and decides not to enroll because they have employer-sponsored coverage, a creditable coverage notice allows enrollment in Part D… Read more »