Dental Insurance

Employees who work at least 75 percent of full time are eligible.

Retirees who meet the Rule of 75 may continue their TCU Group Dental coverage.  Coverage must be in effect for three months prior to retirement.  Coverage may be added only during open enrollment each year or with a qualifying event.  Contact Human Resources at 817-257-7790 for more information.

  • Dental coverage is provided through CIGNA.
  • Dental benefits start the 1st of the month following date of employment for new employees.
  • The university shares the cost of dental insurance premiums with the employee. Human Resources bills retirees for dental premiums on a monthly basis or online payments are available via credit card or debit card.
  • Instructions for retirees establishing an online payment may be found at Paying Benefits Online.  Please note if you cancel your dental coverage or fail to make the premium payment in a timely manner, the coverage is terminated and you will not be allowed to enroll again.
  • The  following options are available:

Dental DHMO Information

Dental PPO Information

         Cigna Dental Progressive Maximum PPO

  • You may only enroll for dental coverage during open enrollment or a qualifying life event.  Contact Human Resources at 817-257-7790 for more information.

Dental Claim Form

1. For in-network services show your CIGNA Dental ID (or give the information found in Section 1, answers 1-4) and the provider will complete and submit the paperwork. If you used out-of-network services, you or the provider will need to file a paper claim. Allow approximately three weeks from the time the claim form is mailed to receive an Explanation of Benefits identifying the costs covered by your plan and the charges you must pay.

2. To file a claim:

a.Download and print a ready-to-use Dental Claim Form with instructions that will guide you through the steps required to help ensure your claim is processed correctly.
b.Mail your completed claim form(s), with original itemized bill(s) attached, to the CIGNA Dental Claims Office printed on your CIGNA Dental ID card. That address is CIGNA DENTAL, PO Box 188037, Chattanooga, TN 37422-8037; you may also fax your claims to (859)550-2662 attn:  Cigna Dental-fax-trax

3. Important Filing Tips

a. Type or print in black ink.
b. Use a separate form for each participating family member each time you submit a claim. For example, don’t include your spouse’s dental receipts on the same claim form with yours.
c. Please don’t submit canceled checks or cash receipts as proof of payment. They don’t contain the information needed to properly process your claim.
d. Always use original claim forms because they scan better than photocopied versions.

4. Before you submit your claim.

a. Verify that printing is legible.
b. Be sure that all required fields are completed.
c. Make photocopies of all receipts and completed claim forms. Receipts will not be returned to you.
d. Write your CIGNA Dental ID number from your member ID card (or Social Security number) on all paperwork or bills you submit.

5. If you have questions about filling out the form you can call CIGNA Customer Service 1-800-244-6224 or go to