Frequently Asked Questions – Salary Administration

How can I give my employee a raise?
Raises are given once a year effective June 1st.

How is my compensation budget determined?
Salaries are determined through the Salary Planning process each year. The money identified for each position through this process determines your compensation budget for accounts 6101, 6105 and 6110 each year.

What is the Compensation Pool?
The compensation pool is derived from money that is saved through the termination and new hire process and is used to support promotions across departments and salaries for new hires when needed.

What reports are available to me for monitoring department compensation expenses?
Budget managers have a position roster, a monthly expense distribution report and a vacation report that is available to them by logging onto the system from My.TCU.EDU.

When is an employee eligible for shift differential pay?
Staff who work non-traditional schedules on a regular basis are eligible for shift differential provided that four or more consecutive hours of the workday fall between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

How much of an increase does an employee receive when he/she is promoted?
Employees are eligible for a 10% increase or the minimum of the new job pay rate whichever is greater.

What is the procedure for reviewing a job for classification purposes?
Document the changes to the job and send this along with a request for a job review through channels to your Vice Chancellor. With this authorization HR can review the job and make recommendations.

How can I pay a student for a project I want them to work on?
Instead of thinking about the project as a whole, think of how much you can pay the student for each hour the student works on the project. Once you establish an hourly rate of pay, submit time sheets for all hours worked by the student. The exception to this rule is that students who are engaged in an artistic performance, such as playing a musical instrument or singing at a reception may be paid a one- time lump sum payment on a PAF.

When can I use an honorarium to pay a TCU employee?
Honorariums cannot be used to pay TCU staff who are currently on the payroll system. All TCU staff must be paid by a PAF regardless of where they might be doing some temporary work.