How to Read Your Paycheck

1.  Pay Period:  This is the pay begin date and pay end date for this paycheck or direct deposit notification. A pay calendar is available at http://www.tcuhr.local/employee-services/faculty-staff/calendars-holidays-pay-dates/

2.  Employee ID:  Your TCU ID number

3.  Hours and Earnings:

  • Description – Type of hours worked or leave used within the pay period.
  • Hours – Number of hours associated with each earn or leave type.
  • Current – Earning, rate (per earning type), for the current pay period.

4.  Tax Deductions (Before and After Tax Deductions):

  • Description – Type of deductions or taxes deducted.
  • Current – Amount withheld from current pay, for each tax code or type of deduction.
  • YTD – Year to date amount withheld for each tax code.

5.  Vacation and Sick Leave:  The amount of vacation and sick leave that you have accrued up to the start of this current pay period; minus any sick time taken in this current period.

6.  Net Pay or Direct Deposit Distribution:  The amount of this check with check number or the amount deposited in each account type (checking, savings) for this pay period.