Last Chance to File FSA Reimbursements for 2017

If you were enrolled in a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2017, this may apply to you.


The FSA plan year ended Dec. 31, however, your FSA has a grace period that allows you to incur new expenses using last year’s funds through March 15.  TCU provides a grace period to employees in order to ensure they do not lose any funds in their Healthcare FSA.  March 15 marks the annual grace period deadline for healthcare flexible spending accounts (FSAs)—the last day for participants enrolled in a healthcare FSA plan to spend their remaining funds from last year.


  • Keep track of your FSA balance. Not sure how much you have left in your FSA? Contact Discovery Benefits ahead of the deadline at 866-451-3399 or
  • Explore your eligible expenses. You can find information about covered expenses by contacting Discovery Benefits. You can view an online eligibility list of products and services that can be purchased using FSA dollars.
  • Use your FSA to shop for products. Healthcare products like breast pumps, first-aid kits, hot and cold therapy packs, and contact lenses are among thousands of other items covered by an FSA.
  • Use your FSA to pay for medical services. Use an FSA for co-pays and deductibles when visiting physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, and for alternative medical services such as chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Submit for reimbursement of qualified expenses before it’s too late.