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LinkedIn Learning FAQs

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning experience that is personalized and social. It provides 24/7 access to high-quality, relevant courses on a wide-range of topics including leadership, communication, manager skills, software, design, remote teaching, project management and business skills. If you want to learn it, LinkedIn Learning probably has it! 

First time TCU users must activate LinkedIn Learning using SSO. Activate your account by logging into, visiting Employee Center and clicking the LinkedIn Learning tile. You can also click or through the LinkedIn Learning Mobile app for iOS and Android. Connecting your personal LinkedIn profile is entirely optional.   

When visiting your LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice 9 dots in a box on the right side of your menu bar. Click on this to see the Learning option. Click on Learning to open your account, where you should see the TCU branded logo. If this does not show up, it’s possible you have a LinkedIn profilset up with a personal email address (not your address). If this is the case, logout completely from LinkedIn and initate your first visit to LinkedIn Learning through This will activate the SSO gateway. Your LinkedIn profile will then recognize you as a TCU employee and tie LinkedIn Learning to your profile’s main email address. 

Contact the LinkedIn Learning Customer Service for assistance at 

LinkedIn Learning is available to active TCU full time faculty, staff and adjunct faculty. 

Alumni, affiliates, retireesassociates and students do not have access under TCU’s contract. 

Our current contract expires in September 2021. Between now and then, you can log into LinkedIn Learning with your Directory ID and password as long as you are an active TCU faculty, staff or adjunct faculty. If you want TCU to keep this resource, log in, learn and encourage those around you to do the same because a high percentage of employee users and active engagement demonstrates its value and guides contract decisions. 

LinkedIn Learning allows you to earn certificates of completion when courses are completed. This is unique to LinkedIn and not an official TCU certification program. For topics such as Microsoft Office or other software platforms that require certification testing, the scheduling and cost to earn this certification is the responsibility of individual employees. To learn more about viewing certificates of completioncheck out the View or Share a LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion knowledge article. 

Typically between 5-8 courses are added each week. 

If you run into issues logging in, email For technical problems once you are up and running, you’ll have the option to click for help throughout the system, with access to LinkedIn Learnings FAQs.  For technical issues with LinkedIn Learning, connect directly with LinkedIn via email, live chat or phone. 

Visit LinkedIn Learning Help or watch the How to Use LinkedIn Learning video. To learn more about optimizing your LinkedIn Learning learning experience, view the How to Use LinkedIn Learning PDF. 



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