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Master Leaders Program

The TCU Master Leaders Program is a highly-selective 11-month (August—June) leadership development program that engages faculty and staff from all positions, roles and corners of TCU. It brings together a network of individuals committed to enriching TCU’s workplace culture through self-awareness, developing skills for effective and impactful leadership, building capacity to lead and manage others, and investigating organizational influence. Throughout the program, class members participate in large group workshops and interactive trainings, small group accountability sessions, and complete individual assessments and reflection. Selection occurs by application once a year.

Faculty and staff employed at least .75FTE at TCU or .50FTE at the TCU & UNTHSC School of Medicine are eligible to apply for this program.

The TCU Master Leaders Program uses the cohort-model to emphasize shared experiences and a mutual commitment to positively influencing the TCU workplace. Participants are expected to have a growth mindset and ready to be challenged and to cultivate connection with others in the program. The sessions are carefully sequenced and focused on: 1) self-awareness 2) capacity for impact and 3) confidence for action. Sessions are held exclusively for the cohort to provide intentional opportunities to work together socially and professionally.


TCU Master Leaders Program Application


Testimonials for the Program

The Master Leaders Program was truly an inspiring experience. It gave me permission to take time and focus on developing myself which is something I had neglected for many years. Often in higher education, we are so focused on helping others that we don’t realize that taking time to grow ourselves can positively impact those we are serving. –Brad Thompson, Assistant Director, Student Activities

No matter how much you think you know or actually do know, I promise you’re going to learn something new and something fascinating. If you have a desire to do better and be better this program is truly accessible to the lowest nobodies, to the highest somebodies. The program is a multi-aspect uplifting mechanism that enhances everyone differently. Truly beneficial to all who seek its contents.  –Jason McCoy, Security Guard, TCU Police (3rd Shift)

I am so thankful to TCU for the opportunity to experience the TCU Master Leadership Program. For me, it was incredibly transformative and affirming. It was an intentional and safe space to challenge, explore and grow my own leadership skills and practices. It was a place to build community with one another, and I am so grateful that those relationships continue beyond graduation. I left valued and better equipped and empowered to continue to be a part of meaningful change within my department, my institution, my local community and beyond.  This program is a reminder of just how special the TCU community is, especially all of those who serve and make it come to life. –Angela Gonzaga, Director of Operations, Women’s Basketball

At the top of my cohort journey is the exponential return on investment that’s there for the taking. Simply put, as an individual dives deeper into the topics of discussion and opportunities to reflect with such a dynamic group, there are more and more benefits that bring about substantive change in personal and professional skillsets. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. As a personal example, one of my greatest obstacles as a professional was how I respond in stressful situations. A valuable lesson I learned is the importance of identifying triggers that cause me to overdo certain strengths in those situations and how to counter them. This program opens eyes, digs deep, and produces results for all who choose it.  –Sheldon Tate, Assistant Director, Campus Recreation


The program is managed by:
Mariam MacGregor, Director, Employee Engagement and Organizational Strategy or 817-257-7088




*no longer at TCU due to pursuing new professional/career opportunities or retirement

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