Health Insurance

Pre-Age 65                   


Retirees who are pre-age 65 and meet the Rule of 75 may continue in their current TCU Group Medical coverage.  Human Resources bills retirees for medical premiums on a monthly basis or online payments are available via credit card or debit card. Instructions for establishing an online payment may be found at  Cancellation of your medical coverage or failure to make the premium payment in a timely manner will result in termination of coverage, and re-enrollment is not permitted.  For more information you may call 1-800-521-2227.  The Plan ID is 213941.  More information may also be found at the Human Resources website or at


Post-Age 65                     



Retirees who are post-age 65 and meet the Rule of 75 have access to individual plans which complement Medicare through Via Benefits, a Towers Watson company. * TCU partners with Via Benefits, licensed benefit advisors whose knowledge of the Medicare markets makes them a valuable advisor for TCU retirees.  Via Benefits provides assistance in the selection of the health care coverage that best matches your medical requirements and budget.  Upon enrollment in a medical plan through Via Benefits, you will have access to a TCU funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) to help reimburse you for eligible expenses.  For more information, please contact Via Benefits at 1-888-429-8490.  You may also find more information on their web site at

For more information regarding Retiree Health Insurance, contact Human Resources at 817-257-7790.

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