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Paycheck Modeler

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Calculate a “what if” paycheck.

“What if I receive 10 hours of overtime this week, what will be my net pay?”

“What if I elect the PPO80 plan, how will this impact the total cost of my deductions?”

“What if I update my withholding allowances to 5?

You can enter these scenarios into the modeler and “model” a paycheck.  You can then view the impact of these changes to your earnings, deductions, taxes and net pay.

No “changes” made in the modeler will update/change your data.  The appropriate paperwork must still be submitted to Human Resources to make any changes to your information.

To access the Paycheck Modeler,

  • Log in to
  • Select Employee Center
  • Under Payroll Information, select Paycheck Modeler
  • Then, follow the step-by-step “wizard” to model a paycheck

As a starting point, paycheck modeler uses your most recent paycheck to populate earnings, your current enrollments to populate deductions, and your current W-4 information to populate taxes.

Note:  Paycheck Modeler is unavailable when Human Resources is processing a monthly or bi-weekly payroll.