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Graduate Tuition Tax Implication

Program Guidelines

The Tuition Exchange (TE) program provides expanded educational opportunities for the dependent children of TCU faculty and staff by allowing them to apply for tuition scholarships at over 570 colleges and universities. The Tuition Exchange is run on a balanced import/export system in which we must import as many students as we export in order to continue to offer these scholarships. TE scholarships are competitive awards and participation is limited. Please review the following information concerning the application process. If you have additional questions, please contact the TE Liaison Officer in the TCU Office of Scholarship and Student Financial Aid.

  • Applicants for the Tuition Exchange program must be qualified dependents of TCU faculty and staff as defined in TCU Policy NO. 6005, Tuition Assistance Policy. Faculty and staff employed as of May 31, 2004 must be employed for one year in order for the dependent child to apply. Faculty and staff employed on or after June 1, 2004 must be employed for three years in order for the dependent child to apply.
  • Funding applies to tuition costs only. Fees, room and board, books, and other expenses are the responsibility of the applicant. At some universities, the amount of the benefit may be capped.
  • Employee dependents must also apply for admission (but not necessarily be admitted) to TCU. In addition, applicants must be accepted at the participating university that they wish to attend. TCU has no control over who is accepted at other institutions. Ultimate approval for funding from this program is granted by the attending university.
  • Students who are receiving financial assistance at TCU will forfeit that funding when transferring to another university within the plan. Students may reapply for aid at the new institution under the attending school policies.
  • Applicants should notify the TCU Office of Scholarship and Student Financial Aid of their intention to apply no later than November 15 for enrollment in the fall semester of the following year.
  • Acceptance into the TE program will be for the first-degree undergraduate study only.
  • The TE Scholarship is competitive and space is limited. When the number of Tuition Exchange openings for TCU faculty/staff dependents is less than the number of applicants, first priority will be given to participating recipients who have not yet completed their approved number of semesters in the program. After giving first priority to the participating recipients, priority will be given according to years of service of parents.
  • Applicants who are not selected will be placed on a waiting list. The order of the list will be based on the above priorities.
  • Eligibility to apply for a TE Scholarship is determined by TCU. However, the attending university chooses recipients. TCU cannot guarantee that an applicant, regardless of qualifications, will receive a TE scholarship.
  • Incoming TE applicants must apply to TCU via the normal application process. Applicants will be reviewed and ranked according to standard admissions criteria. This process, which will be coordinated by the TCU TE Liaison Officer, will determine the selection of recipients for available spaces at TCU.
  • Awards are generally renewable for a period of eight semesters. Students must maintain minimum satisfactory academic progress as defined by the attending institution.
  • For a list of schools who are members of the Tuition Exchange, please visit