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Employee success is an ongoing experience that starts with the recruiting process.

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TCU’s staff performance management philosophy is based on the understanding that regular, meaningful conversations between managers and individual contributors lead to better results and higher engagement for everyone. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that will engage and energize employees to connect with their teams and the campus community.

The journey of employee success involves discovering what employees need to be their most productive selves. We must create a plan that includes setting goals, monitoring progress, having open discussions, building relationships. 

All staff employees are encouraged to meet with their managers during the year to discuss their work priorities, performance, and professional development needs and aspirations. Employees will be prompted through PageUp Performance to schedule and structure these meetings periodically to communicate throughout the year rather than a one-time annual evaluation meeting.
Key Dates for the Performance & Success Program:
Goal Setting & Planning:
Feb 1 - March 31
Goal Check-ins & Feedback:
April 1 - June 30  & July 1 - October 31
November 1 -30 November 
Manager Rating & Meeting:
December 1 - January 31
Performance Evaluation Cycle Closing:
January 31

Since the launch of our Staff Performance & Success Program in PageUp, we have enhanced the opportunity for real-time anytime feedback between employees and their managers.

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