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Routine dental visits help you maintain your existing teeth, as well as prevent or address potential dental disease that, if left untreated, could cause serious health problems due to infection. The TCU benefits program includes two dental options to consider.

About Your Dental Insurance

The Cigna Dental HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) has a restricted network of dentists from which you can choose. When you use a network dentist, you pay only a set fee for covered services.

The Cigna Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) also has a network of dentists, but you may choose to use dentists outside the network as well. When you use dentists in the network, your out-of-pocket cost is typically less because they agree to limit their charges to the Plan’s negotiated rates.

If your dentist is not in the network, they may charge more than these limits. In that case, you would also be responsible for paying any additional charges.

Both dental plan options cover the four main types of routine dental expenses:

  • Preventive and diagnostic care (routine exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and bitewing x-rays) (2 per year)
  • Basic treatment (full-mouth x-rays, pulling teeth, fillings, root canals, and oral surgery)
  • Major treatment (dentures, bridges, and crowns)
  • Orthodontia (braces and other appliances, including installation, removal, and follow-up care)
  • PPO (children up to age 19 are covered)
  • Dental HMO (children up to age 19 and adults are covered)

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