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Being part of a high-performing team takes...teamwork! We've developed a newsletter, teams@work. to provide resources for strengthening your team.

Teams at work
teams@work. is a quarterly newsletter that provides:
  • timely team-strengthening information to employees in all roles
  • conversation starters for teams, workplace fun, and information focused on job satisfaction
  • a common language about how to succeed at work by supporting workplace conversations and nurturing productive work cultures through engaging content and topics
Issue 22 - Create Employee Moments That Matter From Day 1

Fall 2023
A commitment to employee success extends beyond orientation and onboarding. HR continues to implement innovative programs and processes that leverage technology, digitize paper-based procedures, and amplify positive employee experiences.

Culture Building Iceberg
Issue 21 - Culture Building through Values & Team Alignment

Summer 2023
Explore culture building through values and team alignment and reflect on how colleagues perceive your department, foster a positive culture rooted in core values, and align teams for stronger partnerships and increased productivity.

Receiving Feedback
Issue 20 - Receiving Feedback

April 2023
Everyone wants feedback! We all want to know how we are doing. This includes managers. Managers should be comfortable with asking for and receiving feedback from their team.

Love Your Work
Issue 19 - Doing the Work You Love and Loving the Work You Do

February 2023
As an employer, TCU recognizes that purpose and meaning (plus spirited Horned Frog love) drive many people to choose to work here.

Recognition & Appreciation
Issue 18 - Recognition & Appreciation

November 30, 2022
How are you recognizing and appreciating others, including direct reports, colleagues, managers...even yourself?

3D Coaching text sitting on a stack of papers
Issue 17 - Building a Coaching Culture

October 28, 2022
All managers are coaches. It may not be your title or on your LinkedIn profile, but as a manager, you're a coach.

Core Strengths Team Triangle
Issue 16 - Build Relationship Intelligence (RQ) in Your Team using Core Strengths

September 30, 2022
By understanding how one's personality aligns (or contrasts) with their colleagues, people gain relationship intelligence to work better together productively.

Computer monitor covered in multicolored sticky notes
Issue 15 - How to Start What You're Avoiding

August 26, 2022
Powering through your most important work and conversations without hesitation.

People covering their faces with sheets of paper with question marks on them
Issue 14 - How Well Do You Know Your Team?

July 28, 2022
Getting to know one another as human beings is as important as understanding each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Managing Up
Issue 13 - Managing Up Effectively

June 30, 2022
Managing up well helps both you and your manager work more effectively and efficiently. 

Context Switching
Issue 12 - The Cost of Context Switching

May 26, 2022
Multitasking may seem efficient on the surface but may actually take more time in the end and involves more error.

A word cloud featuring words like personal, development, and coaching
Issue 11 - Build confidence to lead like a coach.

April 29, 2022
Quality coaching conversations with mentors or managers help us improve our performance no matter where we are on our career path.

Knowledge Sharing speech bubble
Issue 10 - Build a knowledge sharing culture.

March 28, 2022
Knowledge sharing in the workplace is the process of creating space for open communication about the wins, losses, and lessons that employees are collectively experiencing.

I Love My Job written on a sticky note
Issue 9 - Fall in love with your job again.

February 25, 2022
Here are a few ways to love your job and recreate that first-day spark.

Good Habits written on a whiteboard
Issue 8 - Old habits die hard.

January 28, 2022
We all know it's a new year, but that doesn't mean our old habits do.

Unwind and Imagine written on stones
Issue 7 - Unwind, unplug, rest. And Celebrate!

December 16, 2021
With winter-break on the horizon, this is the perfect time to find ways to unwind, unplug and focus on personal wellness.


Issue 6 – Performance Is A Partnership

November, 18, 2021
Once-a-year performance conversations focused on feedback or brainstorming new ideas or goals is not a way to build better teams! Feedback, idea generation and goal setting are ongoing processes.

World map with a compass

Issue 5 – Navigating Change

October 28, 2021
To understand how to navigate change, we must start with truth-telling.

flexible working

Issue 4 – Flexible Work

September 30, 2021
Flexibility is more than a policy – it's a mindset. Flexibility is nothing more than being able to quickly course correct to new circumstances.


Issue 3 – Choose Civility

August 26, 2021
Civility is broadly described as "the deliberate practice of treating others with courtesy and politeness." If you have children or siblings, you've also likely heard (or said), "You get what you give."


Issue 2 – Burnout Is Real

July 29, 2021
Here's what we're learning – burnout is real. And if you're feeling it, you're not alone.


Issue 1 – You Had Me At Hello!

June 24, 2021
Seeing others in person daily means no need to scroll Insta or Facebook to see what everyone's up to. Put down your phone and say hello when you walk into the office.