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Core learning and leadership development sessions offered to all employees at TCU. Some sessions cover stand-alone topics, while others may serve as pre-requisites to upper-level learning sessions.

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Virtual presentations have been pre-recorded and uploaded into a learning activity that new employees (and current employees, for that matter!) can access on-demand the moment they start working at TCU.

  • Gain access to details about the TCU Benefits package right away.
  • Proceed through the material at your own pace.
  • Refresh your learning at any point in the future. 

The TCU Orientation learning activity is accessible through the | My Employee Center portal, under the Training & Professional Dev. tile.   

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Supplemental Tools and Resources

Before attending your orientation session, new faculty should view the content on the New to TCU webpage, especially the New to Campus Information and Orientation Videos. Faculty also should consider making a list of any questions they might have about being ready for their first days at TCU.

New Faculty Orientation 

This session focuses on how to communicate productively when engaging in difficult conversations. Participants will learn coach-centered communication skills, methods to recognize and master their personal stories, and a framework to follow up conversations. This interactive session includes opportunities to practice with common scenarios.

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Supplemental Tools and Resources 

Discover opportunities for meaningful dialogue among diverse members of the TCU campus as we strive to build a more inclusive, connected, and vibrant community. Become equipped with the ability and skills necessary to strengthen self-awareness and empathy to effectively communicate personal viewpoints across areas of difference.

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Supplemental Tools and Resources 

Our Strength Deployment Inventory, SDI 2.0, is the foundational relationship intelligence that TCU uses for one-on-one, in teams, or across departments to improve their results. It provides a portrait of whole persons: the strengths they bring to work, their motives when working with others, and much more.

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Manager Foundations is a 6-week series that strengthens the workforce through cohort-based, on-demand manager development. This $250/person training (valued at $499) focuses on: Setting a Foundation, Social Awareness & Relationship Building, Communication & Feedback and Manager & Team Growth. 

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Facing change, whether personal or professional, is sometimes welcome, while other times it feels insurmountable. Spend this session evaluating how you experience change to better understand why you experience it that way and explore ways to respond more intentionally.

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Supplemental Tools and Resources