Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program

The Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program gives staff a chance to support co-workers who are experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury. The program allows eligible staff to donate accrued vacation hours to a catastrophic sick leave bank program to be used by other eligible staff members.  The staff member must have worked at TCU for three continuous years in order to request this benefit. This program was developed to create a caring environment and because members of the staff have expressed a desire to assist their co-workers. While the program establishes a mechanism for vacation leave transfers, participation is entirely voluntary. Hours will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Once the pool is exhausted in any given year, the program will cease to operate for the balance of that year.

Donations can be made via  Click on the Catastrophic Sick Donation tile and follow the prompts.  A confirmation will be sent via e-mail after the open enrollment period closes on January 31st.

The Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program Applicant Process is used by the staff member to request time from the catastrophic sick leave bank. For more information, see Policy 6.070 Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program. You may also call Human Resources at 817-257-7790 or email