Extended Sick Leave

Absences for illness or disability are charged against accrued sick leave for the first 60 working days of the illness or disability. If the staff member has fewer than 60 working days of accrued sick leave, the remainder of the first 60 working days of absence will be charged first to accrued vacation and then to leave without pay when all paid leave has been exhausted.

A staff member who has been employed continuously with the University for at least five years may request up to 60 additional working days of paid sick leave for absence due to illness or disability that extends beyond 60 working days. Medical certification of the illness or disability must be provided to Human Resources. Human Resources will review the certification, confer with the appropriate vice chancellor and grant or deny extended paid medical leave. Staff is eligible for extended medical leave one time within a five-year period. This benefit covers only the employee’s health issues.

For more information about Extended Medical Leave see Policy 6.015 Sick Leave.  You may also call Human Resources at 817-257-7790 or email askhr@tcu.edu