Find a Dentist

You may search for a dentist through the Cigna web site at

Click on Find a Doctor (located at the top right hand corner of the screen)

Click on For Plans Offered Through Work or School – Find a Doctor or Dentist Using This Directory

Click on  Find a Dentist

Input your Zip Code or City, State

Select a Plan by clicking on Pick

For a DMO dentist, click on Cigna Dental Care HMO

If looking for TDL or PPO, click on Cigna Dental PPO or EPO

Click on Choose

Click on the choice under Popular Searches you are looking for

Special Note when selecting a DMO dentist:  If looking for DMO dentist you will scroll through the dentist listed, once you find the one you want, write down the name, address, phone number and the DHMO Office Number (6 digits). You will need the Office number to enter online. You might want to call and confirm they are taking new patients before you proceed.

With the DMO you are assigned to a dentist in the DMO network. If you do not enter a valid dentist office code the system will default and assign you to a dentist. When you get your card you will need to verify who you are assigned to. If you wish to change dentist you
must contact Cigna.

Special Note when selecting a PPO/TDL dentist:  The PPO/ TDL does not require a dentist code since you can go to the dentist of your choice.If you use a dentist in the TDL /PPO network you will spend less, because their charges are based on a contracted rate.