Vision Insurance

Employees who work at least 75 percent of full time are eligible.

Vision benefits start the 1st of the month following date of employment for new employees.

Retirees who meet the Rule of 75 may continue their TCU Group Vision coverage. Coverage must be in effect for three months prior to retirement.  This coverage may be added during open enrollment only each year or with a qualifying event.  Contact Human Resources at 817-257-7790 for more information.

Human Resources bills retirees for vision premiums on a monthly basis or online payments are available via credit card or debit card.  Instructions for retirees establishing an online payment may be found at Paying Benefits Online.

Please note if you are a retiree and you cancel your vision coverage or fail to make the premium payment in a timely manner, the coverage is terminated and you will not be allowed to enroll again.

Coverage is with United Healthcare Specialty Benefits. The group number is 754094.

Vision Summary of Benefits

Vision Frequently Asked Questions

Vision Insurance Rates

The premium rates are available by contacting Human Resources at 817-257-7790.