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What is the Child Care Network?

The Child Care Network (CCN) is a program that is sponsored by TCU to provide the valuable benefit of child care resource and referral for children age birth through adolescents to parents, grandparents or any guardian.
There is no cost to access this service and it is managed by Camp Fire – a leader in child development and quality programming.

How Does it Work?

TCU has a designated Child Care Network Specialist at Camp Fire that is available and trained to assist you with all your child care needs.

  1. Simply call your CCN specialist at 817-831-5060 or email your request by completing this online form and tell them you are in the Child Care Network. The specialist will ask about your care needs, including the type of child care or community program you are looking for, hours needed, location, budget and additional criteria specific to you.
  2. The CCN Specialist will provide you with 5-7 detailed profiles of programs that best match your criteria.
  3. Contact or visit the providers and select the one that is best for you. If you are not satisfied, contact the CCN specialist again to continue your search. You may call the CNN specialist as many times as needed.


A brochure of the program is available by clicking here TCU Camp Fire Child Care Network.