Compliance Training

TCU is committed to creating and maintaining a safe academic and professional environment in which we work, teach, and study. To remain in the forefront of best practices and to comply with federal mandates, TCU is renewing its institutional commitment to support training each July – the start of compliance training period.

For the 2017-18 academic year, we have contracted with a new company, Everfi Corporate Compliance, which has purchased the former vendor, Workplace Answers and LawRoom. This year, faculty, staff, and temporary employees are being asked to complete two modules regarding sexual harassment (i.e., Title IX and SaVE) and code of conduct issues. These two courses represent an important component of our work to sustain the focus not only on compliance, but also on a safe and informed campus community. (Student employees will be required to take a single course–Bridges: Building a Supportive Community module).

Modules delivered by Everfi the 2017-18 academic year include:

  • Code of Conduct: Workplace Conduct
  • Bridges: Building a Supportive Community (Title IX and SaVE)

TCU administration continues to fully support an ongoing campaign where all faculty/staff are expected to adhere to employment law and university policies that comply with federal mandates. As such, all faculty/staff/student employees receive an email communication from Everfi/LawRoom, the vendor facilitating TCU’s compliance initiatives. The email invitation will be from Texas Christian University via LawRoom and will contain instructions on how to access the courses.

Should you have further inquiries, contact Human Resources at 817.257.7790 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Notes to remember:

  • As new employees join our community, they are provided their course assignments that need to be completed within the first 30-days of employment.
  • Timely bi-weekly reminders will be e-mailed to faculty, staff, and student employees until the training programs are completed.


**On September 28, 2015, Chancellor Boschini announced the University’s Title IX Continuing Education Campaign. Click one of the links below to access the English or Spanish announcement.

English version:

Spanish version: