Learning & Organizational Development

Get in shape! Learn a new skill! Prepare yourself for career advancement! Expert training in health, management and organizational improvement is as close as your workplace. We’ve got courses that will make your job easier, your diet healthier, and your employment at TCU a lot more fun. TCU HR. We get your mind, body and spirit moving.

How do I sign up for a training class?

To register for any learning and development (training) class, please login to https://my.tcu.edu. Select Employee Center and scroll down and select Request Training Enrollment. Choose your desired course by viewing available sessions. For additional help or immediate enrollment, please send an email to HRTraining@tcu.edu.

What kind of staff training does TCU offer?
TCU Human Resources offers a variety of training opportunities. Subjects include management skills, communication techniques, legal updates, and more. Each month, there are also lunch-and-learn offerings on topics such as gardening, nutrition, and book studies.  All classes require advance registration.

I’ve been hired and I’m new to TCU. When will I attend orientation?
Orientations for new employees are held in the Human Resources Conference Room each Tuesday morning beginning at 8:30 a.m. Discover your options for careers, activities, projects and associations. Hear which benefit plans are available and get help with enrollment. Learn about the vibrant history, diverse culture and resources at TCU. Find out what it means to be a Horned Frog! Lunch at Market Square is now included as part of our new expanded orientation program!

What documents do I need to bring to orientation?
To complete hiring paperwork, new staff must present identification documents, such as a passport, or driver’s license and social security card. TCU payroll requires presentation of the social security card for verification of the number. The social security card also provides the name of record for all TCU employees.

What is the Management Institute?
TCU’s Management Institute Training Program is designed to help supervisors and managers become more effective leaders in the workplace. Comprised of ten four-hour modules, the program offers a variety of learning opportunities for both new and experienced managers, plus those aspiring to leadership roles at the University. The program is ongoing, with one class offering approximately each month throughout the year. Faculty and staff not planning to complete the entire program may enroll in individual classes. Those attending all ten modules will receive certificates upon completion. Enrollment limited to current TCU employees.

Who is eligible to enroll in the Management Institute?
The Management Institute is primarily focused at managers and supervisors and those aspiring to leadership roles at the University.

Do I have to take Crucial Conversations before Crucial Confrontations?
Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations may be taken independently of each other. Either class may be taken first.

What is a Facilitator?
Formed in the Spring of 2001, the facilitator group is comprised of key people from each department on campus. Facilitators are typically budget managers, unit heads, or their representatives. Facilitators’ meetings are held bimonthly during the academic year and are forums for discussion of a wide variety of HR and Financial Services information.  A Facilitator’s job is to disseminate the information received.

Are there charges for training classes?
There are no charges for any HR-sponsored training class unless specifically noted in the catalog.

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