The University is committed to providing a comprehensive wellness program – FROG LIFE – that will empower you to achieve and maintain overall wellness. This program is designed to support you during your “8 to 5” as well as your
“5 to 8” life.

What can you do? Commit to participating in classes and programs offered through FROG LIFE. Consider sharing how participation in FROG LIFE programs has improved your well-being so others may be inspired to make a personal commitment toward improving their own well-being.

Are you ready to commit? You can get started by reviewing the schedule of upcoming wellness classes and programs that are found in the weekly FROG LIFE e-newsletter.

To register for classes, visit my.tcu.edu and if you have additional questions, email HRwellness@tcu.edu.

Be well,

Yohna J. Chambers
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

At TCU, we are focused on helping our employees and students find new ways to commit to steps that promote wellness of body and mind. Wellness is a way of life, a design for living to the fullest, and most importantly a choice. Human Resources provides employees with access to multiple benefit opportunities to assist them in making healthy choices across a broad spectrum of their lives. From training opportunities, information sessions, on-site health screenings, flu shots and more, we seek to give every employee the opportunity to make great choices on a routine basis.

At the core of our wellness focus is Wellness Gold, a participation-oriented, member-based program that has been especially created for the TCU employee family, including TCU faculty, staff, retirees and their spouses/partners. Through group interactions, 1-1 coaching and customized learning opportunities, Wellness Gold members are able to tap into a wealth of expertise to help them customize their best path to wellness. From interactions with TCU Nursing, Nutrition and IT resources to Campus Rec and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Affairs, Wellness Gold brings together the best of all that TCU offers into one cohesive, user-driven experience.

Please visit www.hrwellnessgold.tcu.edu for more information on how you can begin your WellnessGold experience.