Payroll – Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?
Check the pay calendars for pay days. The calendars are on the Quick Links from the main HR web page.

My check has the incorrect address on it?
Go to and correct your mailing address under the employee self service link.

I think my payroll check is short? Who do I contact?
Always contact your supervisor first and have the supervisor contact Payroll at

What is my vacation/sick time balance?
Check for your balance or your supervisor.

How do I change my W-4?
Go to and select the Employee Center icon under Quick Links, then scroll to Payroll Information and select W-4 Tax Information

What does FICA mean and why are Social Security taxes called FICA contributions?

Social Security payroll taxes are collected under the authority of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). The payroll taxes are sometimes even called “FICA taxes.” But what is FICA? Is it a separate law, apart from the Social Security Act?

In the original 1935 law, the benefit provisions were provided under Title II of the Social Security Act (which is why we sometimes call Social Security the “Title II” program). The taxing provisions were under a separate title, Title VIII. There is a valid reason for this, which pertains to the constitutionality of the law. As part of the 1939 Amendments, the Title VIII taxing provisions were taken out of the Social Security Act and placed under the Internal Revenue Code. Since it wouldn’t make any sense to call this new section of the Internal Revenue Code “Title VIII,” it was renamed the “Federal Insurance Contributions Act.”

I want direct deposit, how do I do this? And when will this become effective?

Go to and select the Direct Deposit icon. There you may enroll in direct deposit and/or edit your information at any time. It is possible the changes will not take effect on your next paycheck due to the timing of payroll processing.

By enrolling in direct deposit, you are authorizing TCU to deposit your earnings directly into the Checking/Savings account(s) specified. By electronically enrolling in TCU Direct Deposit you have also authorized TCU to initiate the necessary debit entries and adjustments if funds to which you are not entitled are deposited your account.

How can I get a copy of a previous check?
Go to and select the Paycheck icon. This will take you to a list of of your paychecks; simply click the one you want and print it off.

When do I get paid overtime?
You get paid overtime on the 41st hour you work in your pay week. Talk with your supervisor if you have more questions.

I have direct deposit; do I have to have the stub sent to me?
To see any of your pay stubs visit and select the Paycheck icon. From here you will be able to print any previous paycheck.