Direct Deposit Setup Instructions

Direct Deposit @ TCU

It’s free, simple and required*

Here’s how to get started:

Log in to

Click on the Payroll Tile

Click Direct Deposit

Click on + to add an account

Nickname = enter a name for your checking or savings account


Routing Number = Must be 9 digits, Example = 123456789 — do not use numbers from a savings deposit slip

Account Number = Enter all digits of your account number — do not use your debit card number

Retype Account Number = Renter all digits of your account number

Use this account for A/P processing = Slide the box to “YES

Note:  For multiple accounts select just one to be yes

Pay Distribution:

Account Type = Select either Checking or Savings

Deposit Type = Select either Amount, Percent or Remaining Balance

Amount or Percent = Enter the dollar amount or the percent you would like deposited into your account

Note:  For 1 account select Percent and 100%.  For multiple accounts select & enter Amount or Percent and then the last account must be the Remaining Balance

Have more questions?  Contact us at or call us at 817-257-7790.

NOTE: By enrolling into direct deposit, you are authorizing TCU to deposit your pay directly into your Checking/Savings account(s) and the depository named to credit your account. By electronically enrolling for TCU Direct Deposit, you have authorized TCU to initiate the necessary debit entries and adjustments if funds to which you are not entitled are deposited your account.

Tell the bank you are a TCU employee as they will have incentives for you!

Bank of America
Educational Employees Credit Union
Texas Bank
Legacy Texas Bank

The list above is not a complete list of available banks and credit unions. TCU does not endorse or recommend any specific bank or credit union.

Student Employee Payroll Information

During the fall and spring semesters, student employees who work on campus are exempt from FICA taxes on wages earned. However, during the summer term, student employees maybe subject to FICA taxes – depending on a student’s enrollment status during the summer. Summer Student Employee FICA Status Verification details how a student employee’s FICA status is determined during the summer.

Payroll Auto Valuation
Auto Valuation Form
Mileage Log
Auto Tax Report

Payroll Contact Information

Federal regulations prohibit requiring students to receive Title IV funds via Direct Deposit, however it is strongly suggested for all students to utilize direct deposit if they are paid through Payroll.