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GLACIER is an independent software system provided thru Arctic International LLC. It is designed to collect information regarding an individual's:

  • immigration status
  • citizenship
  • residency
  • history of presence in the U.S. to determine an individual's residency tax status (nonresident or resident alien for tax purposes)
  • eligibility to claim a tax treaty exemption and/or the nonresident social security tax exemption

The system is designed to allow an individual to complete all information from any computer with an internet connection. The international student will be notified by the Payroll Tax Coordinator, to complete the information in GLACIER.

Complete Glacier Form

International student applicants will be required to print and sign GLACIER forms, then submit forms with copies of SSN, visas, passport, and immigration documents. Documents will be reviewed and appropriate tax status for each individual determined and applied.

Email Forms and Documents to Shelli Barr

TCU requires addressees to be current at all times. Verify your address on > Employee Center > Personal Details > Addresses to update changes.

International Payroll Information    International Payroll FAQs

Questions regarding international payroll? Email Shelli Barr 

Filing Tax Returns in the U.S. TCU has licensed GLACIER Tax Prep ("GTP") as an option for preparing your U.S. income tax return. You should have previously completed an Individual Record into the GLACIER Online Tax Compliance Software. Access GLACIER using YOUR existing UserID and Password. GLACIER will transfer necessary data directly into GTP.

Returns are due to the IRS on or before April 15th of each calendar year.