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The Staff Performance & Success Program for 2022 has launched in Page Up.

performance pyramid goal setting
This program is designed to actively engage employees and supervisors in an ongoing dialogue to maximize communication that supports a productive and rewarding work experience.

TCU is committed to continuous learning and development for our employees. The PageUp platform encourages employees and supervisors to communicate throughout the year rather than a one-time ‘formal’ evaluation meeting.  

The “Goal Setting & Planning” step began on April 8. Email communication from PageUp prompts employees and their supervisors to develop and add goals to the PageUp System. Throughout the year, follow-up email communications from Page-Up will provide prompts to move through each step of the Staff Performance & Success Program.

The following resources are available to assist in the development and dialogue with employees and their supervisors during the Goal Setting and Planning step:

Linked In Learning

PageUp- Staff Performance and Success Module Navigation

Intentional Dialogue Level 1

The Coaching Mindset: Integrating Coaching Skills into your Workplace

For additional information, please visit the HR Performance Management Website 

TCU’s Staff Performance & Success Program Includes the Following Steps for Calendar Year 2022:

Goal Setting & Planning: April 8

Goal Check-Ins & Feedback: May 17 & August 16

Self-Evaluation: November 1

Manager Rating & Meeting: November 29

2022 Performance Cycle Closing: January 31, 2023



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