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mlp cohort 6 capstone presentations

On June 6, 2024, TCU's intensive 11-month Master Leaders Program (MLP) celebrated the graduation of Cohort 6. Each year, this transformative program brings together faculty and staff from various positions across the university, all dedicated to enhancing TCU's workplace culture. 

The June 6 graduation ceremony celebrated the hard work and achievements of Cohort 6 participants. Class-elected speakers, Emily Ivey, Director of New Student & Family Programs, and Cameron Potter, Manager of Employee Success reflected on elements of the group’s learning experience and highlighted their innovative year-long capstone projects added with Cohort 6.  

Missy Draper, Assistant Director Housing, Residential Administration, MLP Cohort 4 graduate and Cohort 5 program manager, praised the efforts, saying, “the MLP capstone projects were fantastic! Each group brought real challenges with intentional solutions. As a team, they worked hard to improve the experience of both students and the patrons of this campus. I was so impressed and can’t wait for next year’s presentations!”  

Each learning team identified and undertook a project to address important aspects of campus life. The presentations delivered on May 29, showcased these significant initiatives: 

  • Scooter Safety and Accident Reduction: Developed strategies to enhance scooter safety and reduce motor vehicle accidents on campus. 
  • Campus-Wide FAQ Database: Created a streamlined database to improve information access for students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Teacher Education Program Recruitment: Proposed targeted marketing, recruitment, and experiential strategies to address declining enrollment in teacher education programs. 
  • Therapy Dogs for Mental Health Support: Initiated a project to integrate therapy dogs across campus to support mental health. 
  • Residence Hall Furniture Management: Established equitable standards for room enhancements and decor without the removal of existing furniture. 
  • Mentorship Program for Transfer Students: Designed to boost retention and graduation rates by providing support and guidance for transfer students. 
  • Employee Connection Program: Launched a short-term initiative to foster connections and camaraderie among TCU employees. 
  • Employee Dashboard: Developed a comprehensive dashboard to help campus leaders track team development, performance, and engagement. 

Yohna Chambers, Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer, offered her congratulations, stating, "Graduates, you are becoming an amazing group of alumni of leaders of the TCU community who have dedicated the past academic year and many hours to learning more about yourselves, engaging in content that hopefully challenged you, that gave you many nuggets of knowledge that you can share with your teams and will take you forward with TCU and beyond." 

MLP continues to significantly impact TCU’s workplace culture. Including Cohort 6, nearly 10% of TCU’s workforce has completed the program and earned the signature purple blazer. Members of Cohort 7 will embark on their own transformative journey on July 24. 

For information on future applications, visit the Master Leaders Program (MLP) page. The application process opens annually in April. TCU faculty and staff, classified as .75FTE or more are eligible to apply, regardless of title, role or leadership experience. It’s recommended to have worked at TCU for at least one year before applying.