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TCU’s Employee Relations team is excited to announce the launch of the 2021 Staff Performance & Success Program in PageUp. The revamped performance review process transforms the annual performance evaluation process into a new continuous feedback model that allows real-time/anytime feedback between employees and supervisors.

This program is designed to actively engage employees and supervisors in an on-going dialogue to maximize communication. The 2021 Staff Performance & Success Program supports a productive and rewarding work experience while encouraging employees and supervisors to communicate throughout the year.

TCU’s Staff Performance & Success Program includes the following steps for calendar year 2021:

  • Goal Setting & Planning: March 15
  • Goal Check-ins & Feedback: May 31 & August 30
  • Self-Evaluation: November 1
  • Manager Rating & Meeting: November 29
  • 2021 Performance Evaluation Cycle Closing: January 31, 2022

The “Goal Setting & Planning” step begins Monday, March 15.  PageUp will prompt users to move through each step of the Staff Performance & Success Program, developing and setting goals throughout the year.

For additional information, please visit HR Performance Management.

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