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Employee Success is creating proactive collaboration and interventions among and between employees, supervisors and teams.  

 The Employee Success team is led by Meagan Voorhies, employee success director and includes employee success managers, Cameron Potter and Kristen Taylor, and employee success consultant, Suhail Johnson. This team has innovated how individual employee and team concerns are handled. Previously, employees or managers may have called Human Resources and spoken to multiple individuals with personal, workplace or performance concerns. TCU’s employee success approach, implemented in late 2022, assigns an employee success team member as a first point of contact. As the primary contact, this person is dedicated to understanding the employee’s need and what motivated them to call human resources. After listening to concerns, the employee success team may refer or recommend partnering with other HR members to support the employee or team. 

 In addition to collaborating with campus partners, the model reflects a holistic view of an employee’s needs throughout their journey at TCU. In the coming months, the employee success team will meet with their respective colleges and departments to highlight the benefits of the model and how to maximize achieving employee success in their area. Get familiar with this innovative approach and find your employee success consultant by visiting the Employee Success website. 

 For additional questions or support, please email