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This year marks the fourth year that TCU has conducted the spring employee engagement survey to collect useful insights from current employees. More than 700 employees participated in the annual survey in April, similar to the 2023 response rate. The information collected is used to shape employee programs, services and workplace culture at TCU.

Although the survey is administered by human resources, leaders and departments across campus are encouraged to use what is learned to improve the workplace experience for everyone. Trends reflected by employee responses in the 2024 survey include a desire for greater support managing workloads, better communication from managers and within 
teams, and assistance with navigating change.

Any collected data with an N response less than 10 is not reported out to protect the identity of all respondents. Open text responses remain confidential and will be used as guidance when implementing initiatives. Individuals who requested contact from the HR Employee Success team in their survey can expect a phone call or email in the next few weeks.

In response to leaders seeking ways to better support their teams, a dashboard highlighting meaningful employee data that goes beyond the annual engagement survey is expected to launch in late 2024. This exciting development will be piloted with a select group of leaders on campus and stems from a Master Leadership Program (MLP) Cohort 7 capstone project.

Visit TCU 2024 Employee Engagement Survey to learn more about what colleagues said. This link is only accessible using the TCU network and requires a VPN if trying to view when working from elsewhere.

For questions related to the dashboard, please contact Devieonte Warren (, employee engagement and success HRIS consultant.