Classifying Jobs – Students

Guidelines – These part time jobs are designated as student jobs and typically filled by TCU, other students, or recent graduates. Anyone hired into one of these jobs will be paid at the student rate of pay.

Job LevelMinimum Hourly RateJob Description
Level 1$7.25Routine tasks; i.e. entry level jobs that require no previous experience
Level 2$8.00Moderately complex work that requires 1 year of experience/skills with the computer or other technical equipment; knowledge of specific techniques used to perform tasks
Level 3$8.80Complex work that requires 2 years of experience/skills and the ability to make independent judgments; i.e. writing, editing, report; preparation, software application or accounting skills, skills and/or knowledge sufficient to require minimal training to do the job.
Level 4$9.65Research or technical work; compile and analyze data, report findings; skills and or knowledge typically found in someone who has 3 or more years of work experience.
Level 5$10.60Highly advanced skills and knowledge where Minimal supervision and training are required to perform the job. Typically requiring 4 or more years of experience.