How Jobs are Classified – Staff

TCU uses a job code numbering system designed to classify jobs into categories. These categories are as follows:

Job CodeNumber DescriptionFLSA Category *
1xxxxExecutive, administrative responsibilitiesExempt
2xxxxTeaching responsibilitiesExempt
3xxxxProfessional level responsibilitiesExempt
4xxxxTechnical, paraprofessional responsibilitiesNonexempt
5xxxxClerical responsibilitiesNonexempt
6xxxxCrafts and Trades responsibilitiesNonexempt
7xxxxServices responsibilitiesNonexempt

* Exception to the exempt Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) category is if the job does not pay a minimum of $685 per week or $35,568 annually. By law, it is not eligible for an exempt level classification.

Each job is evaluated for an FLSA category according to the guidelines set out in the FLSA regulations.

What does “exempt” mean? When a job is exempt from the FLSA, it means that any employee in that job is not entitled to the benefits and protections of the FLSA, and TCU is not subject to its rules for that employee. That means that an exempt employee does not have to be paid minimum wage or paid in accordance with the overtime requirements specified by the FLSA.

What does nonexempt mean? When a job is classified as nonexempt, it means that any employee in that job is entitled to a minimum wage, overtime pay (at the rate of time and one-half the regular rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week), as well as other protections under child labor and equal pay, as prescribed by the FLSA.

To reclassify a job: To have a job evaluated and / or reclassified, fill out the below form and deliver it to the Human Resources office.

Request for Job Evaluation or Reclassification